Lava™ wax millable block

Lava™ precision for various kinds of restoration

Lava™ wax frame and milled bridges of Lava™ wax


Lava™ wax block to produce wax structures with all Lava™ millers. These can be used to cast metal frameworks for metal-ceramic restorations and produce veneers by the press-over technique.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity in your laboratory
  • Easy application for the dental laboratory
  • Construct and make framework structures with Lava™

Properties and advantages of Lava™ wax

Lava™ wax block 60 ready for milling on the Lava™™ CNC 240

Can be milled with all Lava™ millers

Unlike combustible polymers (PMMA) or polycarbonate, the Lava™ wax block from 3M ESPE is made of industrial wax. This allows dental technicians to add wax and modify the structures easily. An average of 9 units can be placed in one ingot.

Compatible with the millers Lava™ Form, Lava™ CNC 500 and Lava™ CNC 240.

Indications for Lava™ Wax

Frameworks of Lava™ wax

All kinds of frameworks as well as fully-contoured crowns and bridges that are released as an indication for the Lava™ design software.

Technical information on Lava™ wax

Material characteristics

  • The Lava™ wax block is made of industrial wax, not of combustible polymer (PMMA) or polycarbonate.
  • Dental technicians are thus very familiar with the material of the Lava™ wax block so that reworking is very easy: simply cut and apply wax with a wax knife.
  • The wax in the Lava™ wax block has a melting point of 150° C. This is much higher than that of the conventional wax material that is normally used in a dental laboratory, which melts at 50° C to 100° C.